Vision and Values

The company Agrotiko Spiti Papageorgiou S.A. was founded in 1968 and today is one of the top-ranking Greek companies involved in product distribution, scientific consulting and guidance about plant protection. It employs more than 30 full-time partners and a considerable number of affiliate scientists, with an annual turnover of 7 million euros. The company is dedicated to the customer, expansion of the business efficiency, the increase in the crop yield, protection of the environment and the improvement of health and quality of life.

Helping face challenges

Agrotiko Spiti Papageorgiou S.A. having made an essential contribution to the agricultural community is recognized from all the involved parties in the field.

The company provides the following product categories: plant protection products, public health products, seeds and fertilizers, all available in both conventional and organic options. Moreover, provides consulting services and the special “TMI” (Tree Micro Injection) method.

Our products in combination with the available advisory services, help the agricultural businesses and farmers to expand, increase their yield, quality and profit.

In the upper limits of potential

  • INNOVATION always means “THE SEARCH FOR A BETTER WAY”, turning entrepreneurial and pioneering ideas in business activity, scientific research in new solutions. This is accomplished with the encouragement of our employee’s creativity and the close cooperation with our customers.

  • Our intend is the adoption of a “TOGETHER WE CAN” approach, focusing on our passion and energy. These attributes enable us to develop new and firm partnerships.

  • With “VALUE OF HEALTH” as our preposition, we contribute to the QUALITY OF LIFE, reflected in our high regard of the nature and the environment.

  • PERFORMANCE is defined as HIGH QUALITY OUTCOME, achieving this way top notch performance in the field of safety, ethics and commitment.

These values dictate our behavior and actions as we fulfill our role in society and build a great company. Our commitment to working with our customers contributes to their success. All these assist our people, our stakeholders and our collaborators to confront the challenges of tomorrow.