Ambition – Strategy

Our ambition

Our company focuses on the solution of one of the largest issues in the world: “YIELD“.

This demands new products and market entry models focused on the development of new and preexisting customers.

Our strategy

In the quest to fulfill our ambition, we place the customer at the center of our actions. We are required to deeply consider what they are thinking about their businesses, their land and their holdings, through a holistic and completed handling.

Using our wide range of products that we distribute and scientific personnel, we are in the unique position of being able to provide a an overall solution and many more. Modern problems require modern solutions aimed, not only in the increase of the efficiency, but in the positive impact on our people giving added value at the retail traders and producers.


Combining our unique portfolio in the field of pesticide protection with our excellent knowledge, we present a fulfillment to the customer and we offer complete solutions in the field of pesticide protection with deep knowledge and understanding. These unique solutions are created to meet the needs of our people.


Our goal is to increase our market share and effectiveness and create value for our shareholders by creating value for our customers.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

P. Papageorgiou S.A policy is to guarantee a responsible management of all of its activities. Full compliance with all the guidelines set by the HSE, regarding the safety, health and protection of the environment, in our primary objective. Our company is committed to:

  • Be responsible for its continuous improvement in the HSE sector.

  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

  • Eliminate all accidents and injuries.

This policy has being adopted by all members of the Board of Directors and is addressed to all of the company’s employees and activities. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory.