Social Responsibility

Corporate Policy and Commitments

For our company, corporate responsibility and policy sets out the principles that guide us in all of our business activities.

Corporate responsibility

Agrotiko Spiti Papageorgiou S.A. is driven by the belief that the creation of value depends on the successful combination of business, social and environmental success.
Agrotiko Spiti Papageorgiou S.A. is committed in promoting and maintaining high standards of corporate responsibility in an industry responsible for global agriculture and food production.

Our company operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct and the Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, which have been drafted with respect for the human rights and are harmonized with international accepted regulations and the highest scientific standards.


Whenever Agrotiko Spiti Papageorgiou S.A. operates, it seeks to:

  • Maintain high ethical standards in all business practices.

  • Contribute in sustainable agriculture.

  • Promote the safe, sound and efficient sale and use of its products.

  • Apply high management standards for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of its products.

  • Encourage and support its customers to adopt similar standards of responsibility.

  • Respect the diverse talents and creative potentials of its employees.

  • Contribute positively to the communities where it operates.

  • Look into all of its employees’ concerns.

Stewardship actions

Our people are committed in ensuring the proper, safe and efficient use and storage of all of our products so that their safe and reliable use is guaranteed. Human security and environmental impact are the main desiderata in our actions. All the distributed products undergo the required approvals.